Boendeinfo är informationsbrev till de boende i huset. Det delas ut på papper i varje lägenhets brevlåda.

Nedan hittar du äldre boendeinfo som vi delat ut. Nya boendeinfo laddas endast upp i BoAppa

Klicka på länkarna nedan (grön text) för att öppna informations-bladen.


2023-12-07 BoAppa

2023-12-07 Nätverksuttag

2023-12-07 Boendeinfo

2023-09-22 Containerdags

2023-09 Boendeinfo + inbjudan Lunden-dagen

2023-07 Boendeinfo

2023-05 Boendeinfo

2023-03 Boendeinfo

In English

Boendeinfo is information letters to the tentants in Brf Lunden. They are distributed on paper to each apartment mailbox. Older letters are found in the archive below. More recent letters are only available on the BoAppa app.

On this page you find the information letters specifically in English. Most are machine translations (e.g. Google Translate) so check the swedish version if anything looks strange. Some documents are only available in swedish, so you might want check under "Boendeinfo" for those.


2023-12-07 Tenant Info

2023-19-22 Info on carbage collection

2023-09 Tenant info

2023-07 Tentant info

2023-05 Tenant info

2023-03 Tenant info

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